Re -cycle

Keep our planet green

Wrab wants to take care of the planet which we are enjoying while riding our bike. All products we offer have been thought through with re-cycling in mind to give it back to our planet. Ecology above economy.

Re-cycle kits

We’ve created a possibility for our fellow wrabber’s to re-cycle their cycling kits. With every order you get a paper envelope which you can fill with you old cycling kit(s). We sort them to give away to people who can’t afford a cycling kit and if it can’t be re-used it wil be re-cycled. This is what wrab calls the re-cycle way.

Biologically grown coffee

The life cycle of our coffee beans is so to speak, circular. The beans are grown on the mountain hills of Brazil and are hand roasted with love by local farmers. Within a week the final product can be at your home. After you grinded the beans and poured boiling hot water to get your coffee or espresso you can use the grind to grow your own garden cress. Thats a great cycle, isn’t?

Organic lifestyle wear

Our T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies are produced from organic cotton so you can show your love for cycling when riding an urban bike. Organic means that the cotton is grown without chemicals. The farmers and factory workers are supported by the fairwear organisation.

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