About wrab

when riding a bike

What are those WRABBERS thinking? While enjoying our rides through nature on our gravel bikes in the summer of 2019 we got inspired to create a brand specifically for bike-lovers. Who love to ride bicycles, drink coffee and care about the planet. Thats how the seed got planted to create a community for those bikelovers out there.

Good for the planet

With taking care of our planet in our DNA we create products that fits you when riding a bike. With the rapid environmental changes our planet already faces, we want to create sustainable products that will have a positive footprint. In this way we keep enjoying, with a peace of mind, the planet when riding a bike.

Think different

Wrab loves to surprise you with great products when riding a bike. We will keep surprising our planet and above all, each other. Do you wanna be part of wrab? Follow us on InstagramFacebook, Strava and LinkedIn
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