Collaboration with Leppa

June 18, 2020

In collaboration with wrab (when riding a bike), soft drink brand Leppa will launch its own cycling clothing line on Friday 19 June. The young sustainable brands are joining forces to draw attention to their shared mission: to make the world in which we sport a little greener, every day.

The founders of the soft drink brand are avid outdoor sportsmen: when the wind blows they go kiting when there’s no wind they get on the road bike. “It was time to give more body to our motto ‘with the wind at our backs’” says Rutger Homan (founder Leppa) “Our brand, like ourselves, is driven by natural forces: we use and reuse everything that nature gives us has to offer ”. A collaboration with the sustainable brand wrab was therefore an obvious choice.

What the two brands, one from the east and one of the west of the Netherlands, have in common? Love for nature and the world in which we keep moving is green. They do this by combating waste. Both in their own way. Every year, 21.5 million garments are wasted worldwide. The average Dutchman bought 46 pieces of clothing and also throws 40 (!) away. That is why wrab works with the concept of Re-cycle: With every order, you receive a paper envelope in which you can return old cycling clothing. The sustainable brand ensures that old cycling clothing is recycled. “Making beautiful cycling clothes and doing good for people and nature is our passion. Leppa shares with us that passion and collaboration were, therefore, an easy choice for us” says Frank (founder wrab).

Leppa operates in a completely different industry, but it’s an industry where’s at least as much waste: 644 million kilos of fruit and vegetables are wasted every year. Leppa collects these residues from the farmer and uses them to make a fresh and healthy soft drink locally.

The limited-edition can be pre-ordered from Friday via the wrab webshop.

About wrab

Wrab is a cycling clothing brand that wants to be good for people and nature. Our cycling clothing is shipped in a cardboard bag that you can return with your old cycling clothing. These clothes go to people who don’t have money to buy cycling clothes, or it becomes stuffing of pillows and furniture. We call it re-cycle. Our range also includes organic fair trade coffee beans, and casual clothing made from organic cotton. This way we offer what every cyclist needs.

About Leppa

By using the peels and cores of apples for a fruity soft drink, we participate in the fight against waste. We collect by the farmer, take it to our warehouse and bottle the drink ourselves. Free from complicated environmentally polluting transport chains; a fair solution against waste without additives & added sugars.


We love to keep the world we cycle in green.

You probably noticed, but we care about our planet and we want to enjoy it as green as possible. Since we jump on our bikes and fill our lungs with fresh air we feel the responsibility to take care of our planet. To recharge ourselves, others and nature.

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