wrab designs your teams jersey and bib shorts

Team wrab

We want to set up a lifestyle cycling brand with wrab. Motivating to get people to exercise through beautiful and fair clothes. A fit body, is a fit mind and ensures a fresher lifestyle. To put the brand of wrab on the map, we want to show ourselves in competition. In addition, we released our lifestyle line.

We already have a very cool pool of sponsors that we believe in. And they believe in us. Business can reinforce each other.

Maandag, knows how to recruit the best people. De Vreeden as the best growing and efficient installer of NL. Barista Bart, because no cyclist cycles without coffee and Bart has honest delicious coffee. Brandzuiver, the company that gets our brand on the market. Stylebrigade, the name says it all. They made our website and shop.

Do you want to be part of team wrab, please contact us.

Physical Therapy

The Restauratie Timmerman

Give shine to old glory with a passion for old techniques. Like us, he likes the reuse of old materials. Not only nice to give it a new life, but also good for the environment. Just like us, the Restauratie Timmerman also loves riding his bike. The Restauratie Timmerman is a perfectionist in his work and he also demands that of his bicycle and cycling clothing. With wrab we got him a new cycling kit.

Do you also want to look great when riding a bike? Grab a cup of wrab coffee with us and we discuss the details.

Rehabilitation & Sports

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