Wrab Coffee Blend 1kg

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Wrab Coffee Blend of 1 kilo is a rustic and balanced blend with notes of dark caster sugar and maple syrup with a fresh touch of red currant and citrus. Adding milk turns wrab coffee blend into a refined cappuccino.

Blend composition

Fazenda Rainha

This Brazilian coffee is also our wrab espresso. You will find sweet notes of unrefined cane sugar juice (miel de caña), raw macadamia, a refined mandarin acidity and a creamy finish with a hint of sugared peaches.

Santa Ana - Amatillo

This coffee shows all the beauty of Guatemala coffee in combination with the funky keys of a natural process. Complex dark fruit notes such as blackberry, black cherry and elderberry are complemented by a rum-raisin & honey sweetness, a creamy mouthfeel and fresh notes of rinse apple syrup, mandarin and red grapes. The aftertaste even reminds us of sparkling cola.

Genene Kumale

This washed Ethiopian coffee has got the perfect balans of floral, fruity and sweet notes. Think of white custard sugar, fresh red and white berries, lemongrass and a lime-camomile aftertaste.

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