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and get your Leppa cycling jersey 8 weeks from now.

Blue, the color of the sky and the sea in it. Blue a color that gives confidence.
Red, the color of passion, of blood of energy, life and vitality.
Green, the color of fresh products, spring and the start of something new.

Combine those colors on a virgin white base and the leppa wrab design is a fact.

Designed for all-day comfort, this shirt also offers an aerodynamic advantage. Regardless of the size or shape of your body, the shirt follows your silhouette perfectly, without being tight or restrictive. The jersey is made from a high quality polyester blend with 4-way stretch and adapts to the shape of your body. The long aerodynamic clean cut sleeves reach just before the end of the biceps. This smooths the transition of material and skin and improves aerodynamics. The zipper is made by YKK and has an integrated flip-lock system. Rock up to open the zipper and toss your shirt in an instant. To close, swing down to lock in position. There are 3 pockets on the back where you can store enough for a nice ride.

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